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Efficiently handle orders & payments via our industry-best platform

Optimize your workflow & reach new markets. OrderSimply boosts your sales, enabling you to not only sell more, but sell better, saving time to focus on growing your business.

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Making it simple for brewers big & small

OrderSimply provides an efficient sales and marketing platform to support your business's growth. OrderSimply operates as a licensed agent to get your products to a broader market with just a few clicks. We are AGCO compliant, easily interact with the tax system, and make it easy for your HST ICTs!

Stop chasing payments

We work with you to ensure licensees pay with credit card and are charged automatically on time. We’re also flexible to ensure your existing clients can seamlessly transition to a platform that makes your and their lives easier.


Expand your horizons

Leverage our platform to help your business grow! Streamline your inbound orderflow, introduce your products to new markets, & improve business decisions with better sales analytics. Brewery representatives can now maintain a larger client base by simplifying the order process and maintaining the same excellent service with fewer touch points.

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